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As soon as Miss Scarrott called out my name my heart felt like it was in a running race and my stomach felt like it was on a roller-coaster. My legs were like an earthquake and my hands were like a pool. I slowly walk up 5 stairs that felt like 500 at the time. I shook hands and fortunately received my certificate. After waiting for a few other people to be called we progressed on to the candle ceremony, my hands gripped the candle tighter than ever and soon enough I realised there was fire right in front of my face. After 3,2,1 was called I blew out my candle and realise I have come so far from 2010 to 2016. 2016 is sure one year to remember.

Thank you Miss Scarrott for being an awsome teacher and putting in 100% effort in every lesson you teach. I will never forget you. 🙂 🙂

Thank you for a great year, all year 6 teachers and the amazing class of 2016.



Passion Project Experience

Hello every one welcome back. This term, everyone had to choose a particular passion that they did not know much about. We had to research the topic you choose and plan a lesson to present to the class. I presented mine yesterday about how to become a professional swimmer. First, to introduce my lesson I had a power point to show my students. Then the body of my lesson was my students had to put their given foods in the categories before a swim and not before a swim and write on a sticky note why they put that food in that category. Also, I prepared a tub of blue jelly and stuck Lego men into the deep jelly and my students had to dig in deep and rescue them. For the last part of the lesson I gave everyone a piece of paper and a pen to write down what they rate their effort and any questions. Now I’m going to post a P.M.L which is Plus.Minus.Interesting about my lesson. Hope you enjoy.  There are also photos for you to get a better picture of my lesson.


(Plus +) Something positive about my lesson was that everyone in my class had a go at the tasks that were given to complete and everyone looked engaged in my lesson that I planned also put 100% effort into the tasks.

(Minus -) My minus to my lesson is that my students that were in my group got very distracted very easily and had a lot of conversation about my pens that I gave my group for them to use for the reflection part of the lesson.

(Interesting?) An interesting thing about my lesson was I originally had Lego men to swim in the jelly but I soon realised the jelly was too thick for the Lego men to swim in so I improvised and just stuck the Lego men into the jelly and my students had to dig their hands into the jelly and rescue them. So what’s interesting was how quick I improvised in the middle of my lesson.



  1. Would you like to be a student in my lesson?
  2. What do you know about swimming?



Area and Perimeter Explain Everything

Hello welcome back to yet another post. This time I am sharing my first video about area and perimeter. A few weeks ago we got instructed to choose a partner and make an explain everything about something we have learnt this semester.  Emma and I partnered up and made two explain everything’s about area and perimeter. I hope you enjoy.


If you would like to go, see Emma’S blog click here Emma’s Blog

What is your favourite area or perimeter?

What did you learn?

Australia vs Canada Infographic!

Hello welcome back to yet another post to my blog. Today I am sharing with you an infographic that I have recently put all my energy and time into. I noticed that Australia’s life expectancy is almost one year longer compared to Canada’s. I think it’s because of the G.D.P (gross domestic product) because if you look at my infographic you will see that Australia’s G.D.P (gross domestic product) is a fare bit bigger than Canada’s. So Australia has better health resources so that’s why I think people in Australia live longer than people in Canada.



What do you notice about my infographic?

What was your favourite part of my infographic?

What did you learn from my infographic?

Where would you rather live, Australia or Canada?

Live life! Poem


I am sharing this poem with you because, I am really happy with my poem that I created about life and loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy my poem and if you feel comfortable to share, comment what your favourite memory is about your life.

Live Life!

Life is short, live it, love it or lose it.

Do the things you’ve never done,

Live life amongst the sun.

Friends are there everywhere.

Just breathe in and share.


Life is short, live it, love it or lose it.

The world is waiting for you and your friend,

Just jump into a boat and sail to the end.


Life is short, live it, love it or lose it.

If you breathe you will believe that life never ends,

Because your friend will be right there, until the end.


My Passion Project About Swimming!

Hello and welcome back to my blog.  Every week my class is assigned a task to do for homework. During the last couple of weeks we have been working on a passion project. We each got to choose something we were passionate about, but also did not know much about it, so we researched that particular topic. I chose how to become a professional swimmer because I love swimming but do not know how to become a professional swimmer. This is what I found out about how to become a professional swimmer.

If you want to become a professional swimmer you will need:


  • A hair cap to stop your hair getting wet;
  • Ear plugs to stop water coming in (optional);
  • A towel to dry your body with after a swim;
  • Also a drink bottle and a snack just in case you get a little bit peckish at times during or after your swim.

I also learnt what kinds of foods to take in your swim bag when you go swimming.

These foods will keep your carbohydrate levels high, so these foods will definitely be good to put in your swim bag:

  • Baked potatoes cut up in a container;
  • Pasta meals;
  • Beans;
  • Chill con Carne.

These foods are all high in carbohydrates.

Also, I learnt what foods to eat before you swim.

Before you swim you should eat foods that are also high in carbohydrates, such as:



Image result for pic of swimming http://www.lacitycollege.edu/academic/departments/comsvcs/swimming.html%5B/caption%5D

That’s not all you have to do to become a professional swimmer.  Lots of practice will help and eating the above foods will also help.  So give it a go!!!

What is something new you found out?

Will you consider having a swim sometime?

As you scroll down below you will see some websites that were used to research some of my information about my passion project.  Feel free to check out.


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When site published: not available.


Humpty Dumpty Poem With A Twist!

Hello, welcome back. I have made a twist to the poem Humpty Dumpty, because we are learning about poems at the moment in class and have been looking at a book called ‘Revolting Rhymes’. In the book ‘Revolting Rhymes’, there are original fairy-tales/poems but have a bit of a funny twist e.g. in the three little pigs the wolf did not blow the pigs houses down he ate the pigs instead. In the original, Humpty Dumpty he falls off a wall. In mine, Humpty Dumpty falls in a pool. Hope you enjoy.

What’s your favourite fairy-tale?

Do you have any feedback for me?

This is the original poem.

Humpty Dumpty

Sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty

Had a great fall,

All the kings’ horses

And all the kings men,

Couldn’t put Humpty

Together again.


My twist to the poem.

Humpty Dumpty

Fell in a pool,

Humpty Dumpty

Had a mall,

All the falls,

And all the trips,

Couldn’t put Humpty in one slip.


Disasters Downunder Showcase!

The crowd pumps with buzz, my cheeks blow up with colour. My anxiety levels rise as my palms get moist. I start getting shy. People coming in every which way, they experience our  amazing work. Two feet come closer and closer, the clock ticks faster and faster. BINGO  my first learner comes to my stand. Questions are asked and answers are found. Noises are made with hands. Cheers are made with voices. I am extremely proud of my amazing work that I have completed. People walked out the learning gallery with brains filled with disaster knowledge from our learning. Our hard work is complete.


This is some of my work I showed at the showcase. Hope you enjoy.


Click on the following link to read my explanation text about cyclones.

Explanation Newspaper Article

What did you think of my newspaper report?

Folding Fractions!

Here I am showing you that I have folded a fraction with paper.

The fraction I have folded is a 1/16 with a kinder square.

Folding 1/16 is pretty easy, I folded the paper in 1/2 4 times in a Diagonal form!

When folding my fraction on my kinder square I put in a lot of effort, I rate my effort a 5/5 because I was successful with my task and did not give up!

Next time, I could try focus on making my lines accurate and more straight when drawing them on my kinder square!



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